Seeking Experts:

The Successful Coach
Brand Summit

Mar 7-9th 2023!

Do you help coaches build successful, authentic brands? We want to hear from you!

The Successful Coach Brand Summit is for female coaches who are searching for education, motivation from experts and a like minded community to help build a successful brand.
Too often female coaches second-guess their decisions, feel intimidated by all the advice, and struggle to confidently claim their space.
Now’s your chance to share your expertise to help them build an authentic, stand-out brand that has customers clicking buy.
We know your expertise is crucial to helping entrepreneurs unlock their full brand potential. Will you join us?

Calling →

Experts & like minded entrepreneurs!

Our goal for this summit is to host an event like no other. We want a summit for everyone, including YOU the expert, to grow / learn / vibe off everyone else so that at the end of the summit we can’t wait for the next round!

✔ You are an expert in your field and have the ability to help fellow online business owners

✔ You are ready to share actionable information

✔ You’d like to be in front of (potentially) thousands of new faces who want to hear what you have to offer – your email list will grow!

✔ You want to grow your network and maybe make a few new besties along the way, with other like minded industry experts.

✔ You’re prepared to use this event to increase your own visibility through sharing on social media and email marketing.

✔ You want to not only grow your email list BUT also earn affiliate money. A 40% commission will be paid out to all affiliate sales on the sale of VIP tickets.

If you’ve said yes to any of the above and think this will be a great addition to your 2023 plan → APPLY TO JOIN US!

topics we’re looking
to have covered

Tech Tools & Systems

Now that we’ve got our brand story straight – verbally and visually – how do we connect with our audience? Topics can include: SEO / Systems and Processes / Tech & building a business / Funnels etc…

Mindset & Credibility

We all know how difficult it is to walk the solopreneur journey, not to mention show up consistently and stay on brand. Topics can include anything on:
Mindset / Social media strategy / Effective ways to network and market / Simple ways to show up / Thriving in community etc…

Feeling inspired to join us yet?

If you can speak on any of the above noted topics,
or if you have any suggestions, we want to hear from you!

KEY Dates & requirements:

content deadlines

✔ FEB 6 – 17 → Live interviews are recorded
FEB 20 → Pre-recorded presentation/slide decks due, if you prefer not to do a live interview

summit promotion

✔ FEB 13 – MAR 7 → We will supply both graphics and swipe copy for social media and email marketing

live events

✔ FEB 13 → Speaker Kick off call, your chance to meet the team, ask any questions etc…
MAR 7 – 9 → DAILY LIVE panels of experts, an opportunity to show up as the expert in your industry, an opportunity to meet the audience and network.

If you are able to participate in the entire event including any promotional or lead-up activities, and adhere to these deadlines, please tap that button below and join us!

Meet your hosts

A Visual Storyteller & a Wordsmith → BOTH on a mission to help you up-level your brand.

Annemarie Grudën.


Brand photography is more than a headshot; it’s someone’s first impression of your business. I help entrepreneurs create a powerful first impression with visuals that tell their brand story.

My obsession is capturing authentic photos for entrepreneurs – coaches, professionals – helping them build trust and connection with their customers by portraying the real person behind the brand. I have a passion for people, their stories and capturing the life force that binds us all together.

Along with custom branding, I have a boutique stock site: Magnolia & Sage Stock, offering entrepreneurs an affordable source of magazine worthy images and CANVA templates, to uplevel their brands. When I’m not shooting I can be found enjoying: Americano’s, Strongbow, Ben Howard’s music and a good book – sometimes all at the same time!

writer coach

nice to meet!

Sarah Sambles.

I’m a brand story coach who helps content creators, coaches and writers grow their audience by picking the right words to describe what they do.

Your message matters; it can make the difference between a customer and a cynic. I’m here to empower you to become more confident in brand storytelling so you can build an authentic, engaging business. I want to show you how to speak your customer’s language and get to the heart of what makes you ‘you’.

When I’m not writing my own stuff or someone else’s, you can find me making a mess in the kitchen, trying to balance on my yoga mat, or campaigning against human trafficking.


There is no list requirement to participate in this summit. We feel list minimums can cause favouritism; we’ve all had to begin somewhere. What’s more important to us is that you have an active email list and are excited to participate and promote!

Events like these depend on speakers who are willing to share and get the word out.  We will be doing everything on our side to share and put this event in front of as many people as possible.

We do ask that speakers who participate in ‘The Successful Coach Brand Summit’ help with promotion goals. By sharing with all the networks of everyone involved, promotion will grow everyone’s network.

Promotion can be a mixture of lives on social, posts on social, podcast appearances (having one of us on as a guest) and sending emails to your entire email list with a solo email (not just a newsletter blurb).

We will give you all the graphics and swipe copy you need to promote so not to worry there. 

If you unable to promote, or are not interested in promoting, then please do not apply to be a speaker. 

A personal commitment to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Great things come from being part of a community.

Promotion of the event as noted above.

Presenting your topic, there are TWO OPTIONS:
✔ A live interview. We will be recording live interviews via Zoom from FEB 6-17th (they will take ~ 1hr).
✔ Pre-recorded presentation/slide deck, due FEB 20th (a great option if you don’t have time to do a live)

You’re invited to the Expert Speaker Kick off call, FEB 13th, your chance to meet the team, ask any questions etc.

You’re invited to participate in the Facebook group during promo and while we are live. There will be two groups: one for just the speakers, one for attendees & experts.

You’re also invited to participate in the LIVE guest expert panels (via Zoom). There will be one for each day of the event; a truly great opportunity to network.

YES! There will be an affiliate program for the VIP offers within the event. 

Affiliate commission will be at 40% of direct sales from the events and we are looking at some other affiliate opportunities for post summit offers as well. 

Affiliate payouts will be made April 14th 2023. 

We’re always happy to connect. Feel free to reach out anytime via the contact form.